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A Koral Desk Experience

A Koral Desk Real Life Experience

Usually, when you are looking and moving to a new office the process can be a bit painful.

I found out the hard way that it is a full time job driving to different office spaces and even homes for rent to find our next office. It was a challenge for us because of our needs and we wanted to find an office space that we love to come to.

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Koral Desk Opening

Koral Desk is open for business… their new Cabo Business Center cut the official ribbon on October 1, and is ready to work for you! Koral Desk’s sparkling new offices, located on the Carretera in the new Koral Center / Hospital H+ complex, have set a new benchmark for working in Los Cabos;

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Workations in Cabo

In conjunction with technologies allowing seamless communication from afar; flexible employers, more demanding employees, and exploding independent marketing opportunities are spawning a whole new breed of worker in this millennium. People who are self-starters, who need little or no supervision, now want to work wherever they want. And why not? In keeping with new word combo contractions like Bennifer and Brangelina, comes another whole new word ~ workation.

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Koral Desk Cabo Business Center

Business is changing, and so are the ways people are working. With technology allowing easy communication from thousands of miles away, exploding advances in Network marketing, and flexible work contracts; more and more people are taking advantage of moving their office to wherever they want to be! There’s even a new word out there ~ workation. If you have to work, you may as well work wherever you want to be, right? Koral Desk has developed a unique Cabo Business Center supporting individuals and corporations to work in whichever ways suit them best.

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