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A Koral Desk Real Life Experience

A Koral Desk Real Life Experience

Usually, when you are looking and moving to a new office the process can be a bit painful.

I found out the hard way that it is a full time job driving to different office spaces and even homes for rent to find our next office. It was a challenge for us because of our needs and we wanted to find an office space that we love to come to. Some of the things we needed to consider were:

  1. Did it have fast internet? We needed at least 50 mbps. Most of Los Cabos is 5 mbps.
  2. Is it a place here we can grow comfortably?
  3. Does it have working A/C, water etc.?
  4. Is it a place that fits our company culture?... A fun office where our team could make it their own and when needed, escape to relax.
  5. Can we find all this in our budget?

To be honest, it was very hard to find a well-suited office space.
When Koral Desk was introduced to us one year prior to their opening we knew it was the office co-working space for us. It has everything we need. I always said “I want to find an office space like what Google or Facebook has”. A FUN OFFICE SPACE. Work shouldn’t feel like “work” if you are proud of what you do and your office space is something pretty amazing.

I have to say though, the best thing about Koral Desk, and it being a co-working space, is all the other businesses and people that you meet. You can support them and they can support you.

“Have a challenge or problem?... Just ask around the office. Someone always knows someone or something to improve your company or make it more efficient”.

Koral Desk, and it being a co-working space environment, was the best thing that we could have done for our company.

Jeremy Meerstra
LuxLife Vacations / BajaLife