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    Koral Desk Blog

Koral Desk Opening

Koral Desk is open for business… their new Cabo Business Center cut the official ribbon on October 1, and is ready to work for you! Koral Desk’s sparkling new offices, located on the Carretera in the new Koral Center / Hospital H+ complex, have set a new benchmark for working in Los Cabos; whether it’s a workation (a cool way to make your warm vacation productive); or you live here, and you need office space, meeting space, clerical support, or networking with a community of like-minded people. They can even accommodate those who simply need a mailing or courier address. The impressive facility offers private or group offices with spectacular vistas of the Sea of Cortez, or Baja’s rugged desert mountains; as well as single and multiple workstations, private conference and meeting rooms, and the Koral Reef Business Lounge, with state of the art Barista equipment to entertain your clients and prospects in style.

Fernanda and Gabby, Koral’s frontline team, will answer your questions, answer your phones, handle printing, and courier requests; supporting your business in whatever way(s) you need. And do it all in either English or Spanish, naturally!

Koral Desk Opening Ragne

Koral Desk is opening minds to the ways and wheres today’s business can be conducted, and invite you to participate. Take a photo of “My Cabo Office Today” and upload onto our Facebook Page between October 3rd and November 3rd. Photo with the most LIKES wins first prize - A One Year Koral Desk Gold Membership (valued at more than $1,300 USD). Make an appointment, or drop by for a personal tour. Once you have a taste of Koral Desk, you won’t know how you functioned without it!

Koral Desk
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