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We have a Membership with your name on it!
  • Be part of our Koral Desk family, obtain benefits and discounts on our services, meeting rooms, spa, and many others.

  • Access to the Koral Reef Lounge, our community area where you can grow your network and develop amazing connections.

  • All the benefits of our Gold membership, with working hours on the Startup Hub. Develop your own workstyle and let your creativity flow.

  • If privacy is key to your projects and business, this is your membership. Work on a private office and enjoy full access to the community areas.

Success is more than just financial prosperity, but also feeling good, treating other people well and being grateful. Whether you are a freelancer, start up, non-profit, service provider, small business, remote team, early stage tech founder, or a large company.

Contact us today, and we will find you the optimal solution to support your business.
Becoming a part of the Koral Desk family, and choosing MY WORKSPACE, is simple.

Holistic Work Environment

  • Special furniture created ergonomically for your well-being.
  • Work stations customized to your work style.
  • Spaces designed with the exact colors and textures to create a suitable atmosphere for creativity.

Fixed Cost

  • Koral Desk offers consolidated overhead costs, with one consistent monthly fee including internet, telephone, electricity & cleaning; rather than multiple invoices.
  • Your Koral Desk membership even includes your morning coffee, from the Koral Reef business lounge.
  • Additional services available (at extra cost) upon request. The Koral Team is here to assist you in any way — please just ask!

Part of the Community

  • Accelerate your business through connectedness.
  • Access to high standard of customer service, meeting rooms, video conference room, members network, monthly on-location events, discounts and benefits.
  • Member of a bigger family Koral Center, with benefits on health care, delicious and organic food, travel, banking, spa and gym services, and more.

Integrated Technologies

  • Checkpoint™ firewall and security protection.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Network configuration to suit you - LANs, WANs, VPN and peripherals.
  • Dedicated bandwidth on demand.

Meeting Rooms & Video Conferences

  • Whatever configuration you need, theater, class, to suit your meeting size agenda.
  • Video Conferences with latest media technology and high definition video.

Design your ideal office

Your office totally customized for you, with your logo, branding, colors, and identity. We want to make sure you feel like home.


  • Easy to expand or change your office setup upon your needs.
  • Reduce or increase the contracted space.
  • Contract with just one click.

24 hours I.T. support team

  • 24-7 performance monitoring
  • On-site technical support
  • Quick issue resolution

Social Media Management

For an additional fee we can manage your social networks and help your brand to improve its presence on the web.

We take care of your beverages

  • Hot and cold drinks while you are on-site
  • Don't worry we have enough for your rough days
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